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Friends!! What does it mean anymore! Sure we call people our friend, yet does it have the same meaning? Most that we call friend have been there so long that now they are called fam, sister, or brother. it all started with being a friend! Are you less of a friend if you dont talk to them everyday? Maybe they need you more than you need them. Maybe you need them more. Its  toss up between the two, yet we still call them friend. Sometimes we seem to judge our friends on what they can do for us. How accessible they are when you need them. It's quite funny really! A lot of people are only around for what they can get from you! That is a lonely life to have. We have seen pictures and movies of friends growing old together. Not once leaving each other side! Argue one day and playing ball the next! What happened to those days? Did we just start to get to old to understand it, or was it that life took hold of us and changed our perception of it! I for one am vey nieve when it comes to friends. I believe there is good in everyone! Even if its buried deep down. I believe in the logic of things. I've always said "If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and talks like a duck"! Well im sure you understand. Maybe the genuine days of friendships are over. Given way to fake social media hype, and cute little puppy noses on your pictures! Maybe the days of "just because you mad at them doesnt mean i have to be" are a thing of the past! It has given way to, "if i hate them, then you go to also"! One of the things that i try to teach my children is to be bigger than the pettiness around you! Always choose the side or right, even though it may hurt. At least you dont have to live with the guilt and knowledge that you were in the wrong!!! 

Where i Stand!! 

Hello everyone!! I am currently working on a YouTube doccu-series called "Where I Stand". This will embark on my thoughts and the way i see things from my perspective. This will be different than my (KC on the couch) moments on YouTube! This will be more personal. More about what makes me tick! I will look into past situations ans experiences that afford me to look at things the way i do! So be on the look out. #thelegendkc is not done!!!!

Every little bit!! 

I am not one to use my success as a way to get back at people. I have never tried to down talk anyone who i havent said it to they face. I am brutally honest, yet i tend to use tact when being so. As with all thing, we are all still learning. Some of us are learning in a good way, while others stay stuck in whiatever misguided world they have created for themself! If 99% of the world believes something that you dont, you have to ask yourself...maybe im wrong! Some would just rather say, "im different". When in that case, its not being different. its being stubborn. Because you cant see that you arent really doing anything but not grasping the obvious!!! 


i have achieved another milestone. I made it on another radio station. It is said, "things come to those who wait". I've been patient, yet i havent slowed down. I am still a student of my craft. In many ways, i think i am ahead of the class though. It's fun to keep pushing forward. It gives me a sense of purpose. A way to help me deal with everyday stress. My escape as it would be. Some have books, i use my music. Hope you all enjoy this interview. Im sure that there will be more to come! 

I also released a Gospel song!! I know right! Well for those who have followed my music. You would know that i have dabbled in Gospel on a few albums. One of my songs were actually played in Church and used by a Pastor to preach a 4 wk sermon on.All because he liked what the song was talking about. I think that was pretty good!!


Hello everyone. I have a new interview with Akronhiphop.com its a pleasure in talking with them. They are courteous and professional. Its great to feel at ease when talking with someone. Please go and check it out on YouTube. Akronhiphop.com Also be on the look out for my Support Basis Initiative video. Attempting to bring change to the child support and visitation system for the better! 

Lies, Facts, and Opinions 

Looks like im about to embark on a new chapter. Im creating a biopic of my book. Hiram Akeem is directing it. This will cover my life and what makes me who i am!This i my views on #Trump and all my political opinions. We will talk aboutthe lies that have circulated about me. We will also cover the facts of things that have happened that many might not know! see you soon!!!

Here it is!!! 

Whats up everyone. Well ive been been featured in a few blogs lately! feels good to search the net and yourself being played and downloaded. It means that someone out there is feeling what im saying!. I didnt even know they were listening like that. I mean one of then is called New York Underground Radio!  To find out people are really checking you out is awesome!!! I look forward to seeing more local and indie artist get the recognition they deserve.

Only in America 

Well here we go with the ol bullish again. #Lebron this, #Trump that!!! If its not one its the other. I am still stuck on how an opinion of one person, who in all actuality is just stating the fact that everyone with at least half a mind can admit....Trump does'nt care about the people!! There, i said it! Now make me the talk of the town! Why can't somebody (Famous) or not make a remark about a fact about somebody without it being taken out of context and turned into a media storm! #LauraInghram needs to get herself together. How is it she can attack Lebron about a factual opinion! Ignorant, Ignorant!! She showed more ignorance than either Lebron or Kevin. It is simply amazing how the media can create what they want and when they want it!!  

Skilly Online Magazine 

So it looks like i made it ot another online magazine called Skilly! Please click the link and enjoy!! Im sure ther will be many more to come!!! "KC Will Never Stop Rocking His Music". 

Ive Done it!! 

Against all odds. I purchased anew house. Yes Yes!!! Thanks to God, the almighty. I have achieved part of the American dream. It wasnt easy., i had to stop some of my spending ways. Cut back on some other habits (none bad). Now this isnt my first house by any means. Ive owned a few before it. Ive owned a cpl when i was married. She  had credit, i had cash. Boom, home ownership. My very first one was basically signed over to me. Well she forgot that since she was still legally married, that the house technically wasnt hers to give up. After 9 months, husband came back wanting his house. I did however get part of my money back. Small silver lining. This one right here though, this one right here!!! All mine!!! Nobodyelses name on the paperwork but mine. I cleaned up my credit, made a sizable deposit. Now im in!!! If I can do it, so can you!! If you wont do it for you, who will??

Dont be like some people and wait until they get with someone thats doing it and then all of the sudden, now yall got a house. Or be that chick or that dude that gets married just because you found a way out. Do for you!! This way you never have to ask!! 


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