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Well i made it to yet another Online Magazine. Its an honor to see myself in there. I want to thank all those involved. it means the world to me.


Well hello again.

     its yours truly. I am so happy i didnt listen to the nay sayers, when they said i couldnt do it. If you listen to those people, you will never achieve anything. I set out to do music, and be productive. Ive done almost everything i set out to do! Even with the haters breathing down my neck and back telling inaccurate information. Ive continued to strive. Everything ive got, ive worked for.I know some people call it a blessing. I call it being blessed to  be able to do it!! Even when i get outside help in any form, I believe its just a favor being returned to me from when i did a favor for someone else previously. God does move in mysterious ways. Yall stay blessed!! #thelegendkc


Hello everyone!! It's yours truly. 

     Well a lot have went on this past year. I lost both my Godparents, and purchased a house. I started dialysis and found a way to keep smiling. I'm not done with this music thing. I still have a lot in me to give. I'm currently working on my 13th release named "Champion pt2". It will be an EP release. Just 5 or 6 tracks. Straight to the point, no nonsense!! Im also working on another Ep called "The E&J" Effect!" This one will consist of J Murder & Act Rite. It promises to be amazing.

     For all those who supported my latest release, "A Legend Never Dies". I appreciate you all!! I've just uploaded some ringtones that you can download for free. I will be uploading more shortly. Yes Yes Yes, i will have the positive ones on there also.

     I will be uploading my Expose' soon. I took some questions that was asked of me by some fans and turned it into a "no holds barred" tell all! 

Pains me! 

Hello again. I know i'm not on here as i should be. For this i do apologize. I've been going through a bit of ups and downs. I know a lot of you have seen my Facebook posts about losing my Godmother this Thanksgiving!! I'm such a momma's boy its crazy. We don't get the chance to have to many people we can really call family. Sure, we can call family that, i do think you know what i mean. My Godmother was and still is my mother. Just as my Mom was and is my mom. She helped raise me to be the best i can be. Through her and my godfather, i seen an amazing marriage. They were married for what seemed like forever, 60+ yrs. That type of love doesn't happen often anymore. They've encountered the hard times, the good times, and all in between. I guess the old saying "Happy wife Happy life" really applies here. I never seen them argue. All adult matters were handled behind closed doors, well out of kids ear shot. I cant recall ever hearing about there money problems. I do however remember that switch when i was acting up. I remember church all the time. I mean, they weren't real strict, although you knew what time it was. All that is gone now. They are together again in that big paradise in the sky! So as i deal with my feelings of losing yet another loved one. I leave you with this! Tell everyone how much you love them often. You never know what will happen. Even when you see it coming and know its right around the corner. It doesn't prepare you for whats gong to happen. Talk to all of you again soon!


There has been many fathers going through what Tyrese is going through. All types of story's. Maybe that's just more baby momma drama. As a father of , well, uhm..... 2 maybe 5. I know how it is when you and your baby mom don't get along. As of right now, my youngest sons mom and i have joint custody. Remember though, that came with a fight. 

     Lets look into why baby mom's act like way they do! So y'all meet and have a nice time. maybe y'all together for a while. Then yall split. there are 4 sides to every story. Yours, hers, the truth, and the one that sounds way better than the truth! You have been there for her and your child this whole time. Now that yall have split. The ride is over, for HER! Not the child. The child still get what they want. Of course what you want to give them the most is time! Now its a fight. You've everything and then some. Now that y'all cant work it out. The normality of seeing your child has been stripped. Sure you can still pick them up from school. There's just no sitting at the dinner table eating with them. There's no AHAA moment when they finally get that homework problem. You no longer have that pride you feel when you wake up in the morning to take your kid to school. That Saturday morning breakfast. That Monday morning dragging of the child's feet to get ready for school. The daily joy of parenthood. Then she wants child support. They go after the father as if we are made of money. They don't care how the father has to live, as long as the system gets there's! I have heard of astounding numbers that some fathers have had to pay. I remember a report where it said "Tyrese to pay 13,000 a month for child support". Ok really!!! What child needs that much money per month? I know its for support!! Ok, lets see! Child support is for the safety and well being of the child. Its to help out for bills and housing. Remember, clothes are gifts. Not things they need. Jewelery is gifts, shoes are gifts. Anything personal care is gifts. Personal grooming products is gifts. So she must be using the rest of that money to stay in #Trump plaza!! Something has to be done. #fathersmatter #thelegendkc #Tyrese 

Can't hide the pain. 

Hello everyone. I've been foing through somethings and I need your prayers. Besides my own health issues. My Godmother/mom is very sick. It can be anytime now. This woman helped raise me. I never knew how much influence she had on my life. I just watched my Godfather/father, her husband pass on 7-8 months earlier. I think she is trying to be strong for the family. Like ahe is waiting on something. Ive been trying to hold the pain in, I cried. I couldn't hold it. My 9 yr old son said "daddy, its ok to cry. She means a lot to you". It took my son to let the pain come out. Man o man!!!! 

Great feeling! 

One of the best feelings  that i have ever had, is when my kids were born. You just cant escape the overwhelming feeling of excitement. Knowing that you are one half of another human being. That rush of adrenaline. Man o man! its all i could ask for. I get something close to that same joy when i do my music. That rush of emotions that pour out of me. Writing my life and all that i've experienced. Whether its good or bad. Its my life. It has made me into the person i am today. My experiences have made me strong, cautious, suspicious, aware, informed, and non-judgemental. I'm one of those, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck. You know what i mean. One thing i've always been is naive. Not for the actual lack of anything. More so because of my willingness to show compassion. My willingness to always be rational has got me into more trouble than its worth. Those are the traits that are within me. I hope you all enjoy my music as much as i do. Goodnight!!!!

At this time. 

Well, in the midst if moving, writing a new ep, trying to produce a talk show, and mastering 4 clients albums. guess what? Man im tired, yet the grind don't stop. #thelegendkc 


Ol Trumpty Dumpty than sat on a wall. Lol!!! Trump has had his ass handed to him more than a few times. Now, #Eminem has made his statement, and what a statement. Man o man. He ripped hi a new hole. He kept the family ot of it and just destroyed him. He done this on BET no less. You know Trump is probably reddish/orange mad right now.Cant wait to see what he does to attack Em!


Well it looks like #trump is at it again. He will never learn. He is the one creating just as much if not more unrest as those who are quietly protesting! We as people understand that our fighting men and women gave their life for our rights. We also have those who were fighting for equality and the right to voice their opinion. The right to be heard, the right to protest, the right to stand for what they believe in. So i guess that's a problem now!!! America was built on the premise of freedom. How can we be the land of the free and the home of the brave, when those that are being brave and standing for what they believe in, are being criticized for doing it?

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