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Indie Artist 

Indies artist is where it's at. There are no constraints and we are free to create how we want and not have to follow a trend.  

We all stand together. Support your indie artist, your underground artist. Let's quit making the corporate artist and corporate CEO's rich and when it's all said and done. The artist still owes the label. Support their digital sales, the hand to hand CD, they website. Subscribe to they YouTube.  

If we don't support them, then the big labels win. Then they have new artist put out the crap that they want us to have and force feed it down out throats. They clog the airwaves with so much substance less music that we have no choice but to accept it.  

I stand for indie artist because I am one. I appreciate real hip hop.  
I am #thelegendkc and I approve this message. 



So i posted my new video. I had a ball making this. My youngest son was helping as well as my boy J Murder. I had to remember timing as i did some parts without music. Ya Know. I did have my kid there. No idea where my son got his camera skills. It was the funniest thing to him do his work. It was almost impossible to want to record from laughing too much. I think i may have a movie director on my hands. I hope you all enjoy, and i look forward to bringing you more soon!!!!!

One Question 

So i really have one question? Do you prefer hand to hand, or downloads?

As an artist knowing that this digital craze isnt slowing down anytime soon. I find it hard to believe that some people want the hand to hand exchange. Sure its nice to have that new CD in your hand, read the liner notes and have it sitting in your collection. You can do that with the digital, to some degree. The digital form is more universal and can be everywhere at once. It doesnt get scratched, warped, wet(well kinda), mis-placed by a nosey neighbor who borrowed it. You could still always get the hard copy. I released my new CD on my page only to help grow my website. I did it through pay-pal so there could be no confusion. No waiting for the hard copy to get to you. It's instant gratification. Maybe im just reaching!!!!! What do you think?

We are here!!! 

Well it happened. The new cd has been released. To my surprise, it has gotten a very sound welcome. it seems more people than i thought are tired of the bull crap thats out today. A few fans called it a breath of fresh air. I stuck to my guns. No matter how catchy this new stuff sounds. These new rappers are catching fire right now. I think thi'a s is just a phase, because the ol' school rappers are still putting it down and show no signs of sowing. Where will you be when "A Legend Never Dies" hit the hot 100 charts?


We are coming to the end of a long road. No, i'm not retiring!!!! I mean, the road to completing my 12th album. I've encountered much dis-belief that i was even going to do it again. Many side eye and talking under your breath. i'm cool with that. Its fine, it just gives me more motivation to complete the task at hand. So much so, that i have already begun my 13th album. So as this chapter comes to a close. I am reminded of the saying, "when one door closes, another one opens." Ofcou12th albumrse that is not the adage for this scenario, but it fits. Aug 3 2017. "A Legend Never Dies" #Thelegendkc

Keep Moving 

No matter how hard life is, or how much life takes away from you. You must keep moving forward. Understand that nothing is handed to you. Sure you might have been born into money or born into poverty. Its the decisions you make that dictate your future. That silver spoon that you were born with comes with a hefty cost. So much is expected of you right out the gate. Just as if you were born into poverty. You aren't expected to be great. So when you do make more of your life, you are still expected to fail. That silver spoon that they was born with is now tarnished. They never had to work a hard day in their life. Don't know about making breaks to feed everyone in the house. Then we have the middle class, the middle of the road. They really aren't middle class. They are closer to the poverty line than the upper class. Oh well, more on that later. 


I have given it a lot of thought. i realize that we all arent going to get along. No matter how hard you try! There are always going to be that one or two people who are determined to see things their way and their way only. I am fine with that. It just blows my mind that even when you have been proven wrong. Shown, in vivid color, that what your saying is accurate. Some would rather argue the point that they were trying to make a point!! I know, it seems hopeless. Still i hold out hope for some of these people. We as people should not give up so easily on those that need help. If everyone turns they back on them, then its always the fact that they can say, they dont have anyone. I know, i know. Yes, yes, they hurt the ones that are there for them!!! So what do we do?

Who Knows 

Sometimes it seems that people do understand what you are trying to accomplish. They can be very supportive, but don't understand what you are trying to do. Then they become a problem. So the best thing to do is keep doing what you have to do. This way, what you have to do is still getting done. No matter whats going on around you. Make sure you keep up what makes you happy!! 

Not To Be The Only One 

Not to be the only one without a website. Lol!!! Im trying this new website company. So far it seems to be very easy to work and navigate. I hope you all like it as i am still working to improve on its features. thank you for your support!!

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