My Story

Kc has been a stablemate in the hip-hop game for some years now. Relying on his ability to stay current and meld the ol'school with the new school. He hasnt slowed down one bit. Working ever more diligently on his family, career, and his love for the music. A true student of the craft as well as a teacher.  Currently working on other artist albums to help shape and mold them into the artist that they can be. His work never stops. Kc aka The Legend K.C. has proven he can move the crowd with hit after hit. His albums help manifest the epitome of real hip-hop. no watered down corporate homogloban of words spit over beats that have no feeling. He puts his life into words, his own words, Never to be outdone, he strives to be the best he can be in all avenues that he travel down. His rhythm rhyming capability is impeccable, also to note the fact that the can pick up the track, leave it, make you forget it was there. Then in an instant, bring it right back. His music is a book to his life, and many others that can relate. Losing his mother to Cancer and Illnesses. In and out of trouble with the law! Only to come home and lose his mother less than 24hrs later! He almost gave up the mic. Baby mama drama, back stabbing so called friends. Not having the best relationship with his father, nor his oldest son. KC born Ernest Gregory Jr., vowed to not have the same issues with any more of his children if he could help it!! Once being quoted saying, "I have a lot of life to talk about, so i will not stop until i'm done breathing"! He has worked with some of the hottest local talent, Vell Rob, Team Tuck, Mi-no-Mor, Lil Dee, Da-Menace, M.M.U., Billy Chemicals, Just to name a few!!!