Keep Moving

No matter how hard life is, or how much life takes away from you. You must keep moving forward. Understand that nothing is handed to you. Sure you might have been born into money or born into poverty. Its the decisions you make that dictate your future. That silver spoon that you were born with comes with a hefty cost. So much is expected of you right out the gate. Just as if you were born into poverty. You aren't expected to be great. So when you do make more of your life, you are still expected to fail. That silver spoon that they was born with is now tarnished. They never had to work a hard day in their life. Don't know about making breaks to feed everyone in the house. Then we have the middle class, the middle of the road. They really aren't middle class. They are closer to the poverty line than the upper class. Oh well, more on that later. 

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