One Question

So i really have one question? Do you prefer hand to hand, or downloads?

As an artist knowing that this digital craze isnt slowing down anytime soon. I find it hard to believe that some people want the hand to hand exchange. Sure its nice to have that new CD in your hand, read the liner notes and have it sitting in your collection. You can do that with the digital, to some degree. The digital form is more universal and can be everywhere at once. It doesnt get scratched, warped, wet(well kinda), mis-placed by a nosey neighbor who borrowed it. You could still always get the hard copy. I released my new CD on my page only to help grow my website. I did it through pay-pal so there could be no confusion. No waiting for the hard copy to get to you. It's instant gratification. Maybe im just reaching!!!!! What do you think?

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