Pains me!

Hello again. I know i'm not on here as i should be. For this i do apologize. I've been going through a bit of ups and downs. I know a lot of you have seen my Facebook posts about losing my Godmother this Thanksgiving!! I'm such a momma's boy its crazy. We don't get the chance to have to many people we can really call family. Sure, we can call family that, i do think you know what i mean. My Godmother was and still is my mother. Just as my Mom was and is my mom. She helped raise me to be the best i can be. Through her and my godfather, i seen an amazing marriage. They were married for what seemed like forever, 60+ yrs. That type of love doesn't happen often anymore. They've encountered the hard times, the good times, and all in between. I guess the old saying "Happy wife Happy life" really applies here. I never seen them argue. All adult matters were handled behind closed doors, well out of kids ear shot. I cant recall ever hearing about there money problems. I do however remember that switch when i was acting up. I remember church all the time. I mean, they weren't real strict, although you knew what time it was. All that is gone now. They are together again in that big paradise in the sky! So as i deal with my feelings of losing yet another loved one. I leave you with this! Tell everyone how much you love them often. You never know what will happen. Even when you see it coming and know its right around the corner. It doesn't prepare you for whats gong to happen. Talk to all of you again soon!

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