There has been many fathers going through what Tyrese is going through. All types of story's. Maybe that's just more baby momma drama. As a father of , well, uhm..... 2 maybe 5. I know how it is when you and your baby mom don't get along. As of right now, my youngest sons mom and i have joint custody. Remember though, that came with a fight. 

     Lets look into why baby mom's act like way they do! So y'all meet and have a nice time. maybe y'all together for a while. Then yall split. there are 4 sides to every story. Yours, hers, the truth, and the one that sounds way better than the truth! You have been there for her and your child this whole time. Now that yall have split. The ride is over, for HER! Not the child. The child still get what they want. Of course what you want to give them the most is time! Now its a fight. You've everything and then some. Now that y'all cant work it out. The normality of seeing your child has been stripped. Sure you can still pick them up from school. There's just no sitting at the dinner table eating with them. There's no AHAA moment when they finally get that homework problem. You no longer have that pride you feel when you wake up in the morning to take your kid to school. That Saturday morning breakfast. That Monday morning dragging of the child's feet to get ready for school. The daily joy of parenthood. Then she wants child support. They go after the father as if we are made of money. They don't care how the father has to live, as long as the system gets there's! I have heard of astounding numbers that some fathers have had to pay. I remember a report where it said "Tyrese to pay 13,000 a month for child support". Ok really!!! What child needs that much money per month? I know its for support!! Ok, lets see! Child support is for the safety and well being of the child. Its to help out for bills and housing. Remember, clothes are gifts. Not things they need. Jewelery is gifts, shoes are gifts. Anything personal care is gifts. Personal grooming products is gifts. So she must be using the rest of that money to stay in #Trump plaza!! Something has to be done. #fathersmatter #thelegendkc #Tyrese 

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