Great feeling!

One of the best feelings  that i have ever had, is when my kids were born. You just cant escape the overwhelming feeling of excitement. Knowing that you are one half of another human being. That rush of adrenaline. Man o man! its all i could ask for. I get something close to that same joy when i do my music. That rush of emotions that pour out of me. Writing my life and all that i've experienced. Whether its good or bad. Its my life. It has made me into the person i am today. My experiences have made me strong, cautious, suspicious, aware, informed, and non-judgemental. I'm one of those, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck. You know what i mean. One thing i've always been is naive. Not for the actual lack of anything. More so because of my willingness to show compassion. My willingness to always be rational has got me into more trouble than its worth. Those are the traits that are within me. I hope you all enjoy my music as much as i do. Goodnight!!!!

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