Ive Done it!!

Against all odds. I purchased anew house. Yes Yes!!! Thanks to God, the almighty. I have achieved part of the American dream. It wasnt easy., i had to stop some of my spending ways. Cut back on some other habits (none bad). Now this isnt my first house by any means. Ive owned a few before it. Ive owned a cpl when i was married. She  had credit, i had cash. Boom, home ownership. My very first one was basically signed over to me. Well she forgot that since she was still legally married, that the house technically wasnt hers to give up. After 9 months, husband came back wanting his house. I did however get part of my money back. Small silver lining. This one right here though, this one right here!!! All mine!!! Nobodyelses name on the paperwork but mine. I cleaned up my credit, made a sizable deposit. Now im in!!! If I can do it, so can you!! If you wont do it for you, who will??

Dont be like some people and wait until they get with someone thats doing it and then all of the sudden, now yall got a house. Or be that chick or that dude that gets married just because you found a way out. Do for you!! This way you never have to ask!! 


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