i have achieved another milestone. I made it on another radio station. It is said, "things come to those who wait". I've been patient, yet i havent slowed down. I am still a student of my craft. In many ways, i think i am ahead of the class though. It's fun to keep pushing forward. It gives me a sense of purpose. A way to help me deal with everyday stress. My escape as it would be. Some have books, i use my music. Hope you all enjoy this interview. Im sure that there will be more to come! 

I also released a Gospel song!! I know right! Well for those who have followed my music. You would know that i have dabbled in Gospel on a few albums. One of my songs were actually played in Church and used by a Pastor to preach a 4 wk sermon on.All because he liked what the song was talking about. I think that was pretty good!!

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